5 personalities with the most recognizable voices in the entertainment industry

Their voices are quite recognizable even if you closed their eyes and heard them talk, you would know exactly who the voices belong to.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM 


One of the best talents to have in the entertainment industry is the ability to possess a signature voice that is recongisable to the audience, even when you're not appearing on TV.

You would be surprised to learn how much some voice-artists get paid for their signature voices. It may not be the most well-known career but when done right, it sure can be a lucrative business for yourself.

Here are some voice over artists with the most signature voices in the industry.

Lillian Dube

Lillian Dube

That laugh & somewhat raspy voice is recognizable from a mile away, Lillian Dube could be talking in another room and you would know it's her without even asking.

Treasure Tshabalala

Treasure Tshabalala

A deep silky voice that would melt even the coldest of hearts, Mr Treasure Tshabalala's voice is one that you cannot ignore even if you tried to, there's just something about his voice that is warming and welcoming. No wonder he gets hired for all these radio and television adverts.

Wenzile Sjula Dlamini

You may not know the face but you definitely know the voice, Wenzile is the voice behind shows like Date My Family and Friends Like These. 

Weza Matomane
Weza matone

Weza shares his voice on many platforms from Shoprite Checkers adverts at Makro stores and even on Mzansi Magic.

We still get blown away everytime we hear this clip of his doing his Mzansi Magic voice.

Israel Matseke Zulu

South Africa's number one gangsta, not only is he a brilliant actor but Israel's voice is quite recognizable as well.

Which other entertainment personality did we miss on this list?

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@WezaThatGuy