AKA shares more details about Beam Group's mounting debt

There is a lot that AKA has to settle before finally moving on

By  | Nov 24, 2018, 01:54 PM


It certainly never rains but pours for our beloved rapper, AKA. The last quarter of this year is showing him flames as his disbanded company, Beam Group, incurred more debt without the rapper's knowledge.

The multi award-winning rapper and entrepreneur made heart-wrenching revelations about the shenanigans that went down behind his back at Beam Group. AKA revealed that by the time the company fell apart, it had already incurred a whopping debt of R2 million, including his sparkling Rolex watch. 

The Fela In Versace hitmaker had mentioned before that he owned 70% of the company. Does this mean that he will have to settle about R1.4 million to cover the debt? This would be unfair as the rapper didn't make those purchases, including a Maserati and a R166 000 Rolex watch which was gifted to him by his former business partner, Prince Ngwenya.

AKA and Prince

This is just too heavy. We can only imagine what the Super Mega must be going through right now. Hopefully, his lawyers will come through with tangible solutions for our beloved rapper.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@akaworldwide