The Super Mega Has Been Roasted

The Super Mega Has Been Roasted

Mar 12, 2019, 09:12 AM

On Monday the 11th of March the rest of the country finally got to watch the Super Mega himself get roasted. Pre-taped in front of a sold out audience at the Monte Casino Teatro, the Comedy Central #RoastofAKA finally came to television screens nationwide.

The show was on for nearly 2 hours but apparently theres even more with the uncensored version coming to Showmax from today! Bet you wish you took us up on those Showmax offers while you could neh?

But anyway... to the Roast itself. Here's our take on the best things about the #RoastofAKA....

Pearl Thusi
The Roast Master really did what she had to do. Pearl Thusi may have done one too many #OpenUpTheIndustry jokes but other than that she definitely delivered a strong intro and kept the vibe moving. Plus.... she looked drop dead gorgeous!!

Papa Penny
So, our local genial legend did his best but he totally bombed. They cut his part down because we swear we remember the man being complete incomprehensible on stage for a good 30+ minutes. What we did love, though, is seeing how much respect our panelists had for their elder.

Moshe Ndiki
So Moshe had one of the better roast sessions with a few burns that just hit the spot. But what was even funnier was his reactions to the other panelists. His facial expressions, body language - he even jumped on Joey Rasdien to comfort him after shots were fired! Pretty sure we have a whole new library of memes.

Nina Hastie
Now, AKA said himself that Nina had him the most nervous, so expectations were high when the TrendingSA host took the podium. Unfortunately, Nina didn't do the things we wanted. Like she didn't rip AKA apart the way we expected. Why? She took A LOT from the other panelists - there were more jokes about her vagina than anyone else including AKA himself. She took it like a champ though!

Honestly, Moonchild's ass is always a great sight to see. We welcome this decision.

The Real Comics
Right so how grateful are we for Joey Rasdien, Jason Goliath and Mashabela? Wow! They fired all the shots needed to uplift the quality and mood of the roast. Francois van Coke mentioned it during his time at the podium but this roast really needed more actual comedians. But we understand that roast panels are a mix of comedic skill and celebrity so I guess we'll just be good with what we got.

Swipe through our gallery to see our highlights in pictures!

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All image credit: Comedy Central
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Red Mosiane

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