[WATCH] AKA Rocks A High School Crowd!

[WATCH] AKA Rocks A High School Crowd!

Mar 14, 2019, 07:30 AM

Imagine, on one regular day your favourite artist comes through to perform at your school, that's crazy right? Well such was the case when South Africa's much loved hip hop artist, Kiernan Forbes, better known as AKA in these streets, performed at a high in Johannesburg. Which naturally brought about feelings of joy and euphoria amongst the high school learners that were gathered at the school hall.

AKA is currently touring Mzansi's major cities including Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. This tour is in regards to his much talked about #MegacyOverEverything scholarship, a programme that has been designed to develop and nurture the musical talents of up and coming artists. The main objective of these activations is to spread the word about all things #MegacyOverEverything.

In the video posted below, the excitement is clearly visible on these learners' faces as they marvel at AKA's magic on stage. Which also goes to show just how much the Fela In Versace hitmaker is loved out here. The Megacy is alive and well.

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It is known that a compliment from a parent is bound to melt one's heart, as such could have easily been the case with AKA, as he received a shout out from one of the parents after their son was captured on video - performing on stage with King Forbes himself.

These various displays of philanthropic acts from AKA is not a new sport, as most of his followers will recount numerous times that the legendary hip hop star has stretched out his hand, all in the name of humanity.

During the birth of his now defunct management company, Beam Group, AKA also launched philanthropic wing in the company called The AKA Foundation, whereby it focused on community based projects.

The AKA Foundation's first cut into the world of social responsibility was at a school in the Eastern Cape, whereby they gave out goodies after delivering messages of empowerment. One scroll on the AKA Foundation Instagram page, it is quite obvious that the page hasn't been that active pro 18 July 2018, however on that day, which is also globally recognised as the late political stalwart Nelson Mandela's birthday, the team headed out to another school to perform deeds of Madiba's nature.

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