EXCLUSIVE: Bonang Takes Manhattan

EXCLUSIVE: Bonang Takes Manhattan

Mar 12, 2019, 03:48 PM

So I'm sure we've all been following Bonang's Coat Tour on her most recent trip to New York. We thought it was just to shoot scenes for her reality show, Being Bonang, but turns out she's been house hunting!

In an exclusive scoop hand delivered to us, we found out that Bonang is taking her World Domination plan to the next level. That's right! Queen B* is coming to America! Literally. She is filming a new reality show titled "Bonang - Coming To America" produced by Red Button Films.

Red Button, meanwhile, also produced Public Figure. For those of you that don't know, this is Bonang The Producer's own full-length documentary on social media stars & influencers, directed by Brian Corso. Public Figure was an official selection at the Manchester Film Festival this past weekend in the UK. Having won the Special Merit award at the Impact Documentary Awards, Public Figure has been picked up for distribution by Gravitas Ventures so it's coming to a cinema near you!

Public Figure Trailer from Red Button Films on Vimeo.

Always one to fly the flag, Bonang is most excited to take another piece of African pop culture (being herself) to the world. “I’m excited to explore my personal style & narrative in the US as well as share projects I’m working on. While the world has become a lot smaller, Africa’s place in it has got a lot bigger and it’s a massive honor to be part of this growth,” says Bonang.

Bonang – Coming to America, meanwhile, will follow Bonang on her experiences in Manhattan as she tries to duplicate her success in the US. We'll see her attending A list events, sign major deals in board meetings, photo shoots with top designers & photographers – while also spending time with other African and diaspora talent who are making a name for themselves globally.

Bonang – Coming to America isn't like Being Bonang. It will also include an innovative show-within-a-show narrative, to do with the development and pre-production of a travel talk show. So think if Keeping Up With The Kardashians had a baby with Top Billing and a dash of Real Talk? Confusing but we can't wait to see the end results.

Instagram embed

So... what does this mean guys?

Have we lost a whole Bonang?? Like an entire mogul. Like who are we gonna love to hate and hate to love? Who will have us eating out the palm of their hand? Will anyone ever take the throne??

We can't wait to see how this pans out but what we do know is that - like her good friend buddy Trevor Noah - Bonang going global could change the game forever.

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main image credit: CSA Global.

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Red Mosiane

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