DJ Tira's Wife Involved In Nasty Brawl

DJ Tira's Wife Involved In Nasty Brawl

Nov 15, 2019, 08:00 AM

DJ Tira's wife, Gugu Khathi, has been accused of assaulting another woman

But it's no groupie or thirsty fan of her hubby.

According to The Sowetan, Gugu has confessed to hitting her elderly neighbour after an argument turned physical in their gated complex home in Roodepoort, Gauteng.

Benjamin O'Neal claims that Gugu punched his 50 year-old wife, Cindy, in the face after barging into their home and threatening them.

This, after Tira & Gugu's son Junior was accused of driving through the complex at high speed.

For reasons unknown to the couple, Benjamin claims Gugu burst into their home to tell them, "This is your second warning".

He continued to The Sowetan, "My wife [Cindy] crossed her arms and said to her, 'get off my property'. Gugu stepped back and tripped over the bicycle. We tried to help her get up and she refused."
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It's then that things took a turn for the worst, claims Benjamin.

"She got up after being helped up and she punched my wife once in the face," he said.

But Gugu has a different version of events and claims the neighbours tried to throw a hammer at Junior's car

She told The Sowetan, "They attacked my son and then turned around and attacked me.

"His [Junior's] little brother came rushing and told me 'come see what these people did'. I rushed to their house to ask what my son did to deserve this and they looked at me with [an] attitude."

But Gugu admits to punching her neighbour.

"I was trying to show her that I was injured and she kept dragging my foot. She wouldn't let go, as soon as I could kneel, I punched her. So, she can get off me," she added.

Gugu also claims that her neighbours are targeting them because of their celebrity status.
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She continued, "They are crazy. They have called us everything, including criminals because we are always changing cars.

"They even harass my kids outside the estate, taking videos of him [Junior]. We are always travelling and I'm afraid for my son's safety."

But her neighbours insist they just want to live in peace and have tried in vain to address Gugu & Tira over their loud house parties and son's reckless driving

Benjamin concluded, "They need to realise that you live in a communal estate and you must respect others."

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