DJ Fresh Intervenes

DJ Fresh Intervenes

Sep 05, 2019, 05:30 PM

DJ Fresh played the 'big brother' and called for order between Burna Boy and AKA !

The radio DJ "pushed his luck" (as he put it) to try and mediate between the Nigerian rapper Burna Boy and South African rapper AKA - who have been at each other's necks on the matter of an allegedly xenophobic tweet by AKA.

A thread of angry tweets and death threats later, the Big Dawg called the two rappers to order...with all due 'respek' of course.

This is what he wrote:

Well said DJ Fresh! We really hope the message sunk in.

Another zaleb who had some very profound and thought-provoking tweets to share about the current xenophobic situation taking place in Africa was Sho Madjozi.

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Isn't it just so comforting to know that our celebs aren't just here to entertain us but to also equip us with some wisdom and powerful quotes to post on our social media platforms?

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Olonathando Nkoe

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