Pearl Thusi Has Something To Say About The Unathi 'Joke'

Pearl Thusi Has Something To Say About The Unathi 'Joke'

Nov 12, 2019, 09:00 AM

Whilst the country continues to divide itself over the 'tribalistic' comments made by Unathi on the semi-finals of IdolsSA, Pearl Thusi has called out the hypocrites.

Pearl has come to Unathi's defense regarding the triggering comments she made, which state that Xhosa people 'are carrying the country on their backs'. The comment was made by the Idols judge; looking at the amount of success the Xhosa tribe has accomplished this year.

Mzansi is still going toe-to-toe, debating on whether Unathi’s comments were tribalistic or just a mere joke.

But Pearl, being a proud Zulu woman, came out to categorically state that if her tribe were to dominate like the Xhosa people are currently dominating, she would not hesitate to celebrate that. Mama Panther's twitter thread was directed at people who bash others for celebrating the success of their tribe. 

Part of her thread reads: "When Zulu people have a big week, please be ready for me being proud of my tribe. Doesn't mean I hate other tribes or putting them down. Let's celebrate each other and allow people to be happy.

Xhosa People : 2019 was your year & we are happy for you. Low key sbwl to be Xhosa." 

The personality held nothing back as she called a spade a spade.

Some social media users claim that Unathi's joke was relevant seeing how the same joke has been making rounds on social media. However, many argue that it was said in poor taste.

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