The first tweets from your celebrities

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM 

Social media has played a huge role in our lives and even in our careers.

When Facebook was introduced we were curious, excited and some of us were quite confused.

Face…what? Was the response you would get whenever you introduced the social media platform to unknowing friends.

And just when you and your friends were getting used to Facebook, Twitter was introduced which totally flipped our world upside down and continues to do so. But when you got into the swing of things, Twitter became even more entertaining than the programmes on TV.

Do you remember your first tweet?

Probably not, ZAlebs did some digging and have listed the first tweets of some of South Africa’s well-known celebs and even Twelebs (Twitter celebrities)

Here’s what we found:

Sizwe Dhlomo

Starting with the most vocal celebrity on Twitter, Sizwe Dhlomo, who has sparked many debates with his followers, strangely tweeted that people should not follow him on the social media platform.

Cassper Nyovest

Nowadays Cassper Nyovest can probably afford to buy a hundred BlackBerry phones, but back in 2010 his first tweet was about getting a BlackBerry. Ja neh, the man has come a long way.

Minnie Dlamini

The TV personality fell for the hype and hasn't looked back ever since.


Apart from all the shenanigans it's clear by this tweet that with AKA has always been about the music and wanting it all. He too has come a long way since this tweet.

Pearl Thusi

It seems Pearl Thusi had a bit of hip hop inspiration behind her first tweet. Where were you gone to Pearl?

Tbo Touch

This is such a Tbo Touch tweet, hands down.

Awards, flying people to L.A, now that is what we call a balling out of control tweet and Tbo Touch knows all about that

Luthando Shosha

She loved hearing her voice on radio and we loved seeing her face on TV.

Claire Mawisa

Claire Mawisa was battling with a sweet tooth when she posted her first tweet, hopefully, she found the "chocolatiest" of chocolates around.

Trevor Noah

Seven years later and Trevor is now the illest

Image Credit: Twitter