Thuli Phongolo sets the record straight

The actress is finally sharing her side of the story 

By  | Jul 16, 2018, 04:10 PM

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It was reported that makeup artist, Bongi Mlotshwa, who is Mbali Mlotshwa's mother, had left after having a fall out with Thuli based on the way that she did her makeup. In a recent interview on Metro FM,  Thuli slammed the claims.

"For me as an adult,  I'd be ashamed to leave a show for a child - who was then twenty - so there's no way that mam Bongi left because of me, I know exactly why she left, which I'm not gonna discuss," she said.

Thuli went on to clarify that she had only voiced out her opinion but got flack for it because she was young: "I just felt like for me, no matter how much upper power you have in a department or work, there's a certain way to talk to people, there's a certain way to address can't talk to them in a way that makes people that are not a part of the team uncomfortable, so I spoke out and she took it as...especially being black and being raised in a certain way she took it in a way that 'you don't talk to an elderly person like that'".

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