A-REECE Is Back On Social Media

And Social Media Is Buzzin'

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | A-Reece 

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2020, so far you're giving us hope (Joanna!) but most importantly, you've managed to get rapper A-Reece out of hiding. 

Yaas! Lets leave this thing of ghosting folk in 2019, please.

For those who don't follow the rapper, A-Reece had his fans a little worried when he went ghost from social media and went quiet for roughly 8 months. There was worry that the muso wasn't doing well in terms of his mental health but thank whoever you pray to, because he broke his silence with this cryptic tweet to promote his upcoming EP.

Even though A-Reece showed up on his Twitter to do nothing but business, that didn't matter to his beloved stans who were just eager to see activity on his account.

As reported on by SAHipHopMag, the tweet may have been a hint on the theme of his next album or a reminder that he is still around.

Well, whatever the hidden message was-the hip hop fam is hype. Check below to see what we mean:

Glad to see that A-Reece pulled a Frank Ocean and just took a hiatus and that there isn't anything wrong with him. But the pressure is on...Mzansi is expecting fire tunes when A-Reece drops this highly anticipated sequel.

Just saying.

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