AKA Is Broke, Like #AKASanamali

The rapper jokes about his financial situation after opening up about his SNEAKA deal.

By  | May 16, 2020, 08:26 AM

AKA had previously opened up about the shoddy deal that he had with sports apparel brand, Reebok, to create his now iconic and now collector’s item sneaker, the SNEAKA. 

The series of tweets explaining how he was only signed on by Reebok as a brand ambassador, and did not receive royalties for his signature sneaker led to many stating that the rapper is broke.  

As a form of retaliation to the speculation that was running rampant on social media, AKA the rapper turned the joke its head when he started to poke fun at himself by saying that he is actually broke and all his bragging was a façade.

AKA started the joke after being his partnership with Cruz Vodka is legit, unlike the Reebok deal he had. The F.R.E.E assured his fans that the deal was above board.

But while social media users speculated whether he was telling the truth the rapper used the speculations to market his AKA TV and his Cruz Watermelon flavoured vodka.

AKA started the trending hashtag #AKASanamali in order to prove how influential a brand he is his, which topped the trends list.

Image credit: Twitter @akaworldwide