AKA's tattoo raises mixed feelings

People don't like his tattoo but we highly doubt that the Supa Mega cares.

By  | Dec 21, 2018, 06:15 PM

AKA worldiwide

AKA’s Instagram followers were disappointed after he revealed his new Manchester United football club logo tattoo on his arm.

The rapper who declared his loyalty to the European football club left many of his fans a bit confused after he posted a picture of his new tattoo.

“Win or lose, loyalty is everything” - Dad @royalink_sa @manutd_sa 🔴

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Some of his Instagram fans felt that AKA could have got himself a different tattoo maybe of a local team and some called him childish and an attention seeker. 

“Why scribble a poor teams logo on yo arm, you seeking attention,”said one of his followers. And another said “Jesus Christ, really now, mean what kinda sh** is this. One of the best flops in tattoo history,”

Wow, really guys? It's just a tattoo it really isn't that deep but we guess when it comes to soccer it is that deep.

However, some applauded the Touch My Blood hit-maker and are even considering the idea of also having a similar tattoo. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/AKAworldwide