Hip Hop Fridays: AKA and Yanga's 'Dreamwork'

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | AKA 

By now we're all familiar with AKA's achievements in the Hip Hop fraternity.

This is a rapper that is arguably the most award-winning, one that has remained the most consistent, with what some might consider the most progressive catalog.

Besides his lack of substantial corporate endorsements, and through the roof album sales, each time Kiernan Forbes drops a track, it becomes a monumental moment amongst his legions of fans, who've stood by him through the 'so-called beef with you know who' , the much documented love triangle, down to his refusal to take pictures with them in public; the loyalty to the self proclaimed 'Supermega' is still unwavering.

For the most part, it is warranted. AKA knows how to craft good hit songs and his stellar live performances are nothing to scoff at. He is, and he'll be the first to remind you, just in case you forgot (Hi, Back To the City), an artist of International standards. So a lot of expectation surrounds a new AKA single.

Mine were not met one little bit with Dreamwork, featuring frequent collaborator Yanga.

There is absolutely nothing new here! Same old Composure-type flow, with the same old subject matter of money and revisiting past successes.

I mean, we get it; Kiernan's spreadsheet has definitely increased and he has undoubtedly established himself as the leader of the new school. As he puts it : "...the last five years ain't sh*t without me" in the Hip Hop framework.

All true. Okay, aaand?

We've heard this so many times before. With so much happening on a socio-political scale in our country, I personally would rather hear an artist of AKA's caliber tackle much more important issues than the typical narcissistic, self-absorbed narrative we keep getting over and over and *yaaaaaaaaawn* over again.

Maybe I'm too idealistic and expect too much from rappers. They aren't politicians or leaders, after all. They're just entertainers, right?

 So, "Are you not entertained?" Personally? Nah!

Image credit: Instagram