Last Chance To Win

Have you entered for AKA Roast Tickets?

By  | Feb 20, 2019, 10:00 AM

Wednesdays are usually the worst day of the week - you can barely remember the fun of last weekend and this Friday seems….so….far...away.

But this week -- you will learn to love Wednesday. Because today at 5:00 pm, your name could be pulled as one of our winners of FREE AKA ROAST TICKETS. 

That means that as good a day as today could turn into, tomorrow will be even better because you will join us (Yes, ZAlebs will be there on the red carpet) at Comedy Central’s Roast of AKA.

It’s just you and a friend, our Red carpet team (check out what we mean on Twitter tomorrow night) and all of South Africa’s top celebrities.

AKA of course

Pearl? She will be there and many more

A few more really important things.

You win - we announce it and you have to confirm with us you can use your tickets. If you don’t, we will pull another name and you are watching it on Showmax, sorry.

You have to pick up the tickets in person at the venue in your name. No transfers. Your name will get the tickets with your ID - that’s it.

Main image credit: Instagram/AKA