Nando's Quotes Supa Mega In Cheeky Tweet

No beef here! Just some spicy chickens...

By  | Mar 24, 2020, 09:02 AM

If you were slightly confused at Nando's latest tweet on the TL, you're not alone!

Known for their impressive ad campaigns and witty one-liners, it would be forgivable to think the popular restaurant was firing shots again!

But there's no beef here, or at least that's what we think...

Responding to a fan's appreciation tweet praising the eatery for sanitising all customer's hands at the door, Nando's cheekily responded; " We play it safe, sanitise at the door...or whatever Supa Mega said".

The line was a play on words from AKA's hit song The World Is Yours from the lyric; "You played it safe, I raised the bar".

AKA caught sight of the tweet and responded with his own aptly-suited line; "Corona stays inside of your happy home".

Many fans and followers were confused at the exchange and meaning of the lyrics

Others were impressed with his bars and begged Mega to drop a new album soon.

Do we see a spicy peri-peri collab brewing?

Image credit: Instagram @akaworldwide