Atandwa Kani and Richard Lukunku: TV or theatre?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Atandwa Kani 

After a very intense, electrifying, and energetic ZAlebs Hijack by the talented Richard Lukunku and Atandwa Kani, we sat down with the two actors to find out more about their craft.

Click here to watch their ZAlebs hijack.

The actors, who have an extensive acting catalogue which include appearances on international shows like Book of Negros and Black Sails, stepped in to the ZAlebs headquarters ready for lights, camera, and loads of action.

With no warning or slight hint of character change, Richard and Atandwa flipped the script on us and suddenly began speaking in Russian accents, posing as very “dangerous” Russian mafia members.

We honestly thought the Russian act would stop, but nope, the two actors kept the characters going right through to the interview.

As actors, we asked the two if they’d prefer to act in theatre or on television, and this is what the two had to say...