#BlackFriday : How About A R5000 Soviet Voucher?

This is not a drill

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

It's Black Friday week  — surely you've seen the hashtags and the various deals that are being presented by other retail stores — but have you visited the Soviet app to see what deals they are packing?

We do not want you to get left behind... FOMO ain't cute, fam. So we've visited the Soviet app once again and the discounts are wild!

Leading up to the biggest day in shopping, Soviet has a #BlackFriday special this Monday. The major brand does not want you to let go of your festive season drip and that is why you can get R100 off your items - only under the Black Friday collection.

Have a look:
image.png 1.4 MB
image.png 931.04 KB

By now you should know that ZAlebs does not only share discounts; we give you gift cards too.

This time we've decided to add 4 more 'Ks' to our gift voucher competion. Instead of winning a 1K gift voucher,  we're giving you a 5K voucher!
We have a R5000 gift voucher to give away for Black Friday.

Here's  how to enter:
1. Go to your Apple App store or Google Play store  or click HERE to download the Soviet Shop app.
2. Sign up to the Loyalty Program
3. Take a screenshot of the app on your phone
4. Follow @ZAlebs and @Sovietdenim on Twitter
5. Share the screen shots by tagging both @ZAlebs and @Sovietdenim

This month alone we've given away NaakMusiq sneakers and gift vouchers. So we'll be crossing our fingers for you. Good luck!

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