ZAlebs Shout Outs: The Brand Powerhouses

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Bonang Matheba 

2014 has been a fantastic year for a lot of celebrities in Mzansi, and as journalists at ZAlebs, we've had the honor of having a front row seat to witness the continued growth of our entertainment industry. We don't really do official ZAlebs Awards (not yet, anyways!) but that's not going to stop us from recognizing some of the top achievers in our industry this year and giving them highlighted praise.

We've decided to dedicate this series of posts to the celebs who put in the work and took their talent to great heights in 2014. This is our version of a round of applause for every one of these celebs and we can't wait to see what 2015 holds from each of them.

We've already offered shout outs to our Jet Setters and our New Kids on the blocks, but 2014 also exposed the continued rise of the "brand" and the two brand powerhouses we've identified as having amazing years are Bonang Matheba and Mika Stefano, the latter of whom is pictured above. 

Look, by now nobody can be surprised to see Bonang making appearances on any kind of "top performers" list, such is the consistency of quality in her work. It all continued in 2014 and Ms Matheba ventured into new territories when she launched her own lingerie line. She also solidified her presence by securing a lucrative endorsement deal with premium vodka brand, Ciroc. And hey; she was great fun to be around when we travelled with her to the MTV EMAs, but more importantly her coverage of the event was world class. She was EVERYWHERE this year and she doesn't look like she can be stopped at the moment. 

In similar vein, Mika Stefano made some crucial steps towards growing into a brand this year. I spoke to him a few months back and he was keen to emphasize that everything he was doing was for the growth of the "Mika Stefano Brand" and when you look at his achievements, it's hard to argue that he's far off the mark. From making appearances in popular soapies, to DJing at the biggest ever Fireman's Ball, Mika has shown in 2014 that he's a star in his own right. His blog continues to do well and his weight loss had EVERYBODY talking. Watch him in 2015, we're sure he's going to explode. 

Don't take for granted just how much effort goes into creating any kind of brand, let alone a personal one. Mika and Bonang deserve plaudits and even more so, they've well and truly earned their ZAlebs Shout Out. Watch out for the next batch of Shout Outs tomorrow, which will be going out to our top hustlers and our 'ZAleb of the year'! 

Who do you think will take the cake?