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The musician takes us to the beginning 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Brenden Praise 

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Brenden Praise

Season 9 Idols finalist, Brenden Praise Ledwaba has come a long way since his stint on the music show and he has solidified his stardom in the music industry. Many seek to pursue music at a later stage in their lives but Brendon is certain that it was his first love.

Brenden Praise might be a part of two business entities, but he has chosen music as his full-time career. Reflecting on his journey of becoming a musician, Brenden took to Instagram revealing that it was moments with his father playing music with the family that sparked the fire in him to choose it as a career path. 

"I remember sitting around the table, and my dad, he'd bring out this small little keyboard that he loved so dearly and he'd start to play. He couldn't play much but he could play at least three or four cords, and within those three or four cords, he'd create a song and he'd start by humming and then he'd put words together and it would become an entire thing, and before you knew it, we were all singing it,and I remember thinking wow, this is magical, this is what I want and from that I knew this is my way of leaving my mark in the world, this is gonna be my voice" he said.

The musician told his story in promotion of his latest single featuring rapper Kid X. Watch the video below:

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