Cassper Inserts Himself In The Sizwe Dhlomo And AKA Twar

We saw this one coming.

By  | May 18, 2020, 10:20 AM

A twar between Sizwe Dhlomo and AKA made Sunday Twitter the best yet, even though no one mentioned Cassper Nyovest, he found a way to include himself in the festivities, and it back fired.

Sizwe Dhlomo has been subbing AKA for the longest time without retaliation from AKA. Now, after Sizwe refused to be on AKA's show, AKA decided to let off some stem and diss Sizwe.

Now, Cassper who has a very public rivalry with the Supa Mega, has inserted himself into the whole mess. He posted a picture of himself, riding a tractor, which AKA dissed Sizwe about.

Fans flocked his timeline engaging in the beef between Cass and AKA. Commending the rapper, he humbly responded;

"Aka was killing it in 2012 and i was just an upcoming rapper who was a fan of everything that was SA Hip/Hop. Notice how I had Prokid on my profile picture too.  Instead of hating on the big guns, I was inspired by them. I went from being the biggest fan to being the BIGGEST BOSS!"

Mufasa is still set on beating AKA in a match that will take centre stage after lockdown, calling AKA a laaitie.

Because of Cass's work commitments outside his music, he cannot deliver a sharp-tongued response to AKA.

"You will never understand. I'm at a very very high position. 1 wrong move could mess up all the hard work me and my team put in. I deal with big corporate brands that pay me huge money and I can't move like a hooligan just cause I was angry. That's why I am still at the very TOP!"

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