Ciroc SA: Hare Batle Magapu Mo!

No Ciroc Watermelon Here

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Cassper Nyovest 

Can AKA and Cassper Nyovest's rivalry still be referred to as "beef" considering that it's largely about fruits these days? Anyways, the Mango vs Watermelon debate took a new twist on Wednesday afternoon when Ciroc, for whom Cassper Nyovest is an ambassador, confirmed that there are no plans to bring their new watermelon flavour to South Africa.

If you were on the timeline on Tuesday you will have noticed that Diddy nearly sparked a civil war in South Africa when he tweeted a watermelon emoji, representing Ciroc vodka's newest flavour. For the rest of the world this tweet meant very little, but in South Africa it added weight to one of last summer's longest running sagas: AKA's  (allegedly cheap) Cruz watermelon vodka vs Cassper Nyovest's Ciroc Mango variant.

Many, including (and especially) AKA took Diddy's tweet as an early sign of victory. If even Ciroc had hoppped onto the watermelon bandwagon then it was clear which was the superior fruit.

However, Kiernan's victory was a premature one. Cassper and his team clearly had a word with their team members at Ciroc because less than 24 hours after Diddy's tweet, the alcohol brand confirmed that the Vodka's new watermelon flavour would not be launching in South Africa.

Cassper shared the good news on his Twitter feed:

This sparked an onslaught of #HareBatleMagapu tweets on the timeline and it looks like for this week at least, Cassper Nyovest will have the last laugh.

However, we're certain that this is not the end of this watermelon vs mango debate.

In your humble opinion, which fruit is winning this particular battle?

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/CassperNyovest