Time For Tea: Cassper Nyovest’s nose ring, selfies

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Cassper Nyovest 

Cassper Nyovest got a nose ring this week and his fans totally freaked out.

The Cooking in the Kitchen singer proudly showed off his new accessory on social media, and apparently it was a major no-no. 

Fans hated Cassper’s new look so much, they even demanded that he takes the “lame” pictures down – no, really, they were not feeling his Dennis Rodman inspired look.

Here’s the offensive picture…

Seriously, Cassper? If Dennis Rodman could not make the nose ring a thing, what made you think you had a chance? 

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Worse than Cassper’s attempt to look “fly”, were the nasty comments. Apparently a nose ring + “cheesy pose” = gay! Look away Cassper, these comments are soul crushing. 

Wow, homophobic much?! Tweeps on Twitter were less homophobic, but just as harsh!

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But guess what trolls? Cassper does care about your nose ring hate, because not only did he not take down the “offensive” picture, but he posted more! 

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Image credit: Instagram/casspernyovest