Five times Cici made us want to go to the gym

All these jobs and she still finds time to keep her body in tip top shape 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Cici Twala 

Five times Cici made us want to go to they gym

Despite how insane her body is, singer Cici's body remains one of the most slept on in the business. 

The songwriter, actress and TV Presenter is one fit lady and her posts remind us to go to the gym and put the burgers down. 

Just look at how great she looks in her underwear!


And in those little leotards she wears for performances.


If we looked like her, we'd walk around in leotards and costumes like these all the time. 


And then there's that booty that has you wanting to step up your squats.


And let's not forget that tummy! As flat as a flipping smart phone. My word!


Damn girl, we'd also have that flaming avi if our bodies were on this level. What's your secret? 

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