Watch: Connie Ferguson's Zulu accent is so cute

She may not be fluent but at least she tried

By  | Dec 21, 2018, 06:15 PM

Connie Ferguson - The Ice Queen

There is nothing more commendable then fellow African's trying their utmost best to learn each other's languages. 

Although we are all weary at trying not to butcher each other's languages it's always a treat to see someone attempt to speak your mother tongue.

Like Connie Ferguson for instance, the actress showed that although she's a Tswana woman she can attempt to be multilingual if need be.

As always, actress Rami Chuene showed yet another fun day on the set of The Queen and this time around, she showed us a video of Connie Ferguson speaking isiZulu to the cast and crew of the local drama series.

Check out the video below.

This reminds us of when Cassper tried to speak isiZulu after being crowned as SA's hottest MC for the year 2016

Remember this classic line?

"IsiZulu sami siyabheda kodwa imali yami iright." - Cassper

This was hilarious.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Connie_Ferguson