Jun 29, 2018, 11:27 AM

Boity Thulo on being a sangoma

For her, being a sangoma comes first.


In 2016, Boity confirmed that she was officially a sangoma after weeks of speculation. She then posted a picture of herself dressed in her traditional beads and sangoma attire to confirm her calling.

In her confirmation post-Boity said:

"They called. I answered. The proudest, most incredible day of my life. A beautiful gift that I will never take for granted. #ThokozaGogo #ThokozaGogo #KgosigadiDabulamanzi #Blessed #OwnYourThrone,” she captioned the post.

In a recent interview on Metro FM's Fresh Breakfast, Boity made it clear that even though she's a media personality and in the public eye, her position as a sangoma (Gogo Boitumelo) comes first and her media persona (Boity) comes second.


"They're two different people (Boity and Gogo Boitumelo) and I can do it both. If I was not born to do it both (being famous and being a sangoma) I am sure that my ancestors would remove one to ensure that I concentrate on the other. I think I've found a nice balance and I'm treading carefully on this journey when it comes to my calling. I don't take chances if they say I can't do something or I mustn't do something, I don't ask, and I will not try fight for Boity just for Gogo Boitumelo to get sidelined."

Boity Thulo

She also made it clear that she did not heed her ancestral calling just to elevate her name but because she respects tradition.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Boity

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