Jan 29, 2019, 08:30 AM

Cassper on why we praise American success

Do we want to see our neighbours fail?

Cassper Nyovest has lent his voice to a debate that has been all over social media in recent times: why we praise Americans but shade South Africans for similar achievements.

It began a few days prior when Lerato Kganyago took to Twitter to address the #OpenUpTheIndustry trend. Many South Africans believe that opportunities in entertainment are being offered to the same pool of celebrities and for the last few years, the agenda to see diversity in the industry has been pushed online.

LKG played devil's advocate and noticed that we never do this to American celebrities when she said:

This opened up a massive debate about the levels of talent that our celebrities possess and whether or not they should be holding down so many gigs. One tweep decided to echo Lerato's sentiments with a different twist; this fan made it specifically about Cassper and revealed how fans shade him while supporting American acts for similar achievements:

This added further legs to the debate (this time, from a hip hop perspective) and Mufasa decided to step away from Pride Rock for a moment to share his two cents. He believes that the reason we praise Americans and bring down our fellow citizens is because we don't want to see our neighbours winning:

What do you think of this debate, does Cassper have a point? Or is there really a difference in the level of talent possessed by overseas artists?

Or do we (including Cassper, by the way!) just put America on too high of a pedestal?

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