Nov 19, 2018, 03:29 AM

Pics: Minnie Dlamini celebrates her mom's 60th birthday

It's a big one, y'all. 

Pics: Minnie Dlamini celebrates her mom's 60th birthday

Minnie Dlaminicouldn't help but share just how much her mother, who just turned 60 years old, means to her. The TV personality has taken to social media to share that Mam' Queen is her world. 

"We did it. Threw my Queen a beautiful 60th Birthday part. #Dlamini #Sibakhulu. Thank you to everyone that made mummy's day sooo magical. She's our whole world," Minnie captioned one of the snaps. 

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She also posted a picture with her siblings. 

It's clear that Minnie and her mother are very close, and she's very grateful for her. She is the love of her life, after all. "My day 1. I am so grateful for getting you as a Mom. You’re the love of my life and I live to make you proud everyday," the starlet wrote a few months ago on Instagram. 

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