#DateMyFamily: Life begins at forty

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

Whoever coined the phrase “life begins at forty” was certainly right and knew what they were talking about. This week’s bachelor also proved that the phrase can’t be disputed.

Forty-year-old Kagiso came to the TV show like any other single person looking for love and, as expected, he shared meals with three different families and made his choice based on the experience he had with the families. Before going any further, we must commend Kagiso for being brave enough to go on national TV to look for love and not be bothered about his image.

We have to be honest, every time Kagiso went to meet a different family we said a little prayer on his behalf. We were relieved after noticing that Mbali wasn’t disturbed with Kagiso’s size and we were obviously hoping that he would choose Mbali because we knew he would be appreciated and probably find the love he claims to be looking for.

Mpho’s family was the second in line to host Kagiso. We wiped the sweat on our foreheads away when Mpho also didn’t complain when she set eyes on him. We were glad that the chances of Kagiso going home with a potential Mrs were slowly reaching a maximum. Unfortunately, Kagiso felt like the 30-something-year-old Mpho is not what he is looking for.

The third family was really interesting because it held all the highlights of the show from Tankiso’s hair and Kagiso deciding to choose her for the date. Let’s start with Tankiso’s hair.

What possessed her in doing a weave on top of what looked like a chiskop? We blame her family for not telling her that her head looked like an unfinished science project.

As expected the 20-something-year-old wasn’t pleased when she realised she was chosen for the date. And we don’t blame her, she’s on the show to look for love not a father figure. It goes without saying that the date was very boring.

The killer moment had to be when Tankiso made it clear that she doesn’t want someone with a protruding stomach and he assured her that he actually has shed off some kilos because he was three times bigger than his current size. Do you believe him? We don’t.

Going back to Kagiso, can he boldly say he was really looking for love? We are not convinced. Kagiso is suffering from a midlife crisis and desperately wants to feel and look young again without hitting the gym.

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Only Rick Ross can be that size and still get young and beautiful ladies without even saying anything. Unfortunately, Kagiso has to face the wrath of the gym if he wants a chance with these young ladies.