Euphonik is the new family member at 947FM

Euphonik has a new radio station family.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | DJ Euphonik 


From 5FM to 957 Euphonik expands his radio broadcasting career.

Well, we can't say we saw this one coming.

Euphonza has announced that he's joining 94.7. The entrepreneur confirmed the news in a recent video he shared on Twitter.

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Euphonik will be hosting a new weekend show on the radio station titled eUNITE with Euphonik that will be airing every weekend from 18:00pm to 20:00pm.

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It seems like the move has taken a lot of people by surprise, even Anele enquired about Euphonik's new move to which Euphonik replied that they are now officially colleagues.

Image Credit: Twitter.