Guess Who? ZAlebs Most Likely To Attend Love, The Sex Expo

Guess who's a little naughty by nature

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | DJ Fresh 

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The countdown to Love, the Sex Expo is around the corner - it promises to be the hottest event of the South African summer, I mean, there is a guy who paints with his penis right? Not to mention a few special events that will definitely bring the heat - so before you arch your back and point your toes in excitement we thought we'd get things warmed up with a game of guess who foreplay? 

Now, let us be clear - we are not guaranteeing an appearance from any of these ZAlebs but one of them once said:

"I like him on top, he must do all the work. [Laughs]" 

Now any woman who said that, well we wouldn't be surprised at all if they actually did show up for the event - now, there is one thing we can guarantee about February 6th - we will be there and what's better, you have the chance to come along with us for free for every bump, grind and oh my goodness moment.

So without further ado, here are a few of our favorite folks who we definitely could see show up at the event.

1. DJ Fresh
DJ Fresh. Photo credit:

He might be a teddy bear with an infectious laugh but he has always been open to talking about everything and anything (and we mean, anything). 

He told Drum Magazine that sex is important in relationships.

"It’s all about great communication. Being open with each other even if it’s with stuff that the other partner may find uncomfortable to hear. It’s also about great sex. People who say sex is overrated are not doing it properly!"

So who knows, even the teddy bears have whips and chains in their closets to keep things spicy and interesting after sunset.

2. Dr. Tlaleng
Dr T. photo credit:

Not only is she a doctor but she's also the author of the book, A Guide to Sexual Health & Pleasure. She's cracking the whip on sex faux pas and other myths. She's urging women and men to join her in what she calls the...


She wrote in her book:

"Sex... a spiritual conversation, an exchange of energy given by God to empower each other & reproduce. Not all of us know & understand the true meaning and need for intimacy."
So if you want to sneak out with us on Thursday February 6th and need an excuse for work, just tell them Dr. Tlaleng said you had to go, doctor's orders, can't be ignored.... see you there.

3. Ntsiki Mazwai
Ntsiki Mazwai photo credit:

Not only is this poet and media personality super controversial but she confessed to not being intimate last year on Twitter.

Luckily for her, Love, the Sex Expo offers plenty of tools (and toys) at the various workshops and stands at the expo...because, knowledge is power.

4. Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa performing on stage. Photo credit: instagram/zodwawabantu

This outspoken personality has never been shy when  talking about her sex life so of course it wouldn't be strange to spot her and her boy toy boyfriend, spicing things up at this year's expo.

5.  Moonchild Sanelly
Moonchild Sanelly learning the ropes. Photo credit:

This muso is all about self love, twerk videos and flashing us a couple of her nudes, every full moon.

She would be the perfect guest for Love, the Sex Expo. In an interview on Metro FM, she was quoted saying that she wanted to create a line of sex toys and had dreams of opening up an adult club.  2020 might be the year to turn this fantasy into a reality.

5. Somizi
Somizi looking fabulous promoting his champagne collab with GH Mumm

The choreographer, actor, reality television star and Idols judge would be a fabulous addition to the Love, The Sex Expo extravaganza. He's getting remarried and planning his white wedding to his husband Mohale, so the expo would be the perfect opportunity to look for bachelor party entertainment and honeymoon extra murals.

6. Pinky Girl
Pinky Girl on the set of Being Bonang. Photo credit:

She is a fan favourite among the people of Mzansi on the reality television show, Being Bonang. However, underneath her classy, calm and quiet demeanor, Pinky Girl has been known to say a few shocking things.

Remember the time when she told us what her favourite sex position was

"I like him on top, he must do all the work. [Laughs]"

Looks like Pinky Girl doesn't kiss and tell...but it seems she might ---- and tell...

7. Lillian Dube

Lillian Dube on the red carpet, photo credit:

How can we leave actress Lillian Dube off the VIP list of Love, the Sex Expo attendees? In fact, she really should receive some sort of award from the organizers in our opinion.

Madame Dube has said a lot of raunchy things about sex and the female anatomy, so much so, that it almost got her fired from one of her acting jobs.

But Love, the Sex Expo is not about being shamed for being a sex positive individual, it's all about embracing it. So, we commend the legendary Lillian Dube and her seven vibrators (yes, seven) for opening us up to new levels of sex positivity and communication.

We're taking a queue from all these celebrities and we're owning our sexuality this year and heading over to the Love, the Sex Expo on the 6th of February but we'd love your company - so join us.


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