DJ Zinhle on helping other women

The philanthropist has the perfect balance between motherhood and business 

By  | Dec 21, 2018, 06:15 PM

DJ Zinhle and AKA are big on intention when it comes to co-parenting

DJ Zinhle became a constant fixture in the South African entertainment scene when she was a DJ on one of Mzansi's biggest dance shows, Jika Majika. At the time, she was a young girl from KZN and over the years, she has built an empire for herself. 

DJ Zinhle

From DJ'ing, writing books and being an entrepreneur, one often wonders how she manages to juggle it all. In a recent interview on Afternoon Express, the mom spoke candidly about co-parenting with her baby daddy, AKA and how she is passionate about helping females reach their full potential in any way she can.

"I have done so much work in the last 14 years that I have been in the industry, but there is still a lot that needs to be done,"

She then went on to say that she is very passionate about giving women a fair chance in life, "when I got into DJ'ing, I realised that there were no females or structures in place to help the females succeed, and since then, my mission has been to help in any place that I can help, wherever place I can contribute, I will so that women can thrive." 

Speaking of her book, Meeting your power, she said, "People are loving the book, thank God, we were very stressed in the beginning, we wanted to simplify it (the book), so it is simple truths and we did not want to offend anyone who thinks that they are too intelligent to read the book, but the response has been so amazing," she explained.

AKA and DJ Zinhle host joint birthday party for Kairo

On raising Kairo and co-parenting with AKA she said: Kairo is so precious, she is amazing, she is independent, she is demanding, she is strong-willed and confident,"

Speaking about her journey towards healthy co-parenting, DJ Zinhle said, "I think the biggest thing is communication and my biggest thing that I communicate to Kiernan is good intentions, we both have to have good intentions about whatever we are having conversations about at the time and we both just want her to have an easy and comfortable life, so we have had to put aside a lot of our own personal things just to make sure that her stuff works out," she explained. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@djzinhle