Dr Malinga The New Host Of Pap Geld

Ok, Dr Malinga, we see you

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Dr Malinga 

We'll be honest; we didn't see this one coming, Dr Malinga, the new host of Moja Love's Pap-geld? Wow!

Do you think he'll be sponsoring flying kicks to all the dead-beat fathers? We hope not.

After successfully hosting many episodes of the reality show, we guess it's safe to say that Moss Makwati has handed over his reign as the official host of this cringe-worthy yet entertaining show.

According to a statement released by Moja Love, the channel is said to be excited to have Dr Malinga join their team and that although the musician may come across as a jokester to many, he is quite firm in his ways and will approach each situation with a level of seriousness it needs.

“The new host will be bringing a new flavour and touch to the show. His playful appearance must not mislead fathers, Dr Malinga has a balance of objectivity, warmth and firmness about him, viewers will appreciate. This will give our participants the relief to open up remembering that the show is representing the child.

“Moja Love is excited to welcome Dr Malinga to be part of the family as we hope that his contribution will continue from where the brave and courageous Moss Makwati left it.”

Let's not forget that Dr Malinga is also a father of three, so hosting such a show for him is quite a serious job that he hopes he will do to the best of his abilities.

We can't wait to see what Dr Malinga has in store for us as the new host, we just hope he doesn't get attacked like Moss's situation, but if he does then his flying kick skills will come in handy.

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