Drake and Lil Wayne go head to head 8 Mile style

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Drake 

There’s been too much love and too many "khumbaya" friendships between rappers lately; especially our international rappers. Look, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but can rappers please take it back to the days when they challenged each other lyrically? 

Two rappers who might be headed in that direction are Lil Wayne and Drake who announced an exciting tour this week. The name of the tour?Drake vs Lil Wayne.  

The title got us excited and it’s no secret that these two have the utmost respect for each other, but can they really take it there and lyrically insult each other with the canniest of punchlines for all to witness?  Who knows; rappers are quite confident individuals but under that golden chain and bravado you’ll find a very insecure man.

So you might ask yourself who will win these battles between the two rappers. Our money is on Lil Wayne and before you Drake fans start attacking us let it be known that we have the utmost confidence that Aubrey will be able to hold his own but Wayne tends to spew out these bizarre metaphors that will have you either laughing or questioning yourself as to how he came to that comparison. Just look at the trend "Rap like Lil Wayne" 

In an Mtv interview, Wayne was asked who he thought would come out as the man on top. His reply disappointed us a little because it seemed as though he was hesitant to say he would be the victor.  Non-the-less we stay true to our word, Wayne will bury Drake, mark our words.