3 reasons we're excited for MTV Block Party

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Drama

You know it's December when, on a Monday morning, we can be looking forward to a party that's going to be happening later TODAY. Unfortunately, not all of us from team ZAlebs will be able to attend today's MTV Base and Klipdrift Goldenbeats block party but that's mostly because of location. If you're making your way to the Nuz Vegas lounge in Umlazi, KZN, here are three things that we think you can look forward to at tonight's Block Party; it's going to be sheer madness!

1. One crazy hip hop lineup

If you're a fan of anything that has anything to do with hip hop, this party is unmissable for you. Absolutely unmissable. Don't even try to argue please because we will shut you down. How could you even contemplate not being at the same party as K.O., Big Nuz, DJ Tira, Duncan and several more rappers, DJs and of course...

...The sheer amount of cool kids

Look, the musicians are always going to be a dope addition to any party, but you can't deny that the presence of MTV cool kids Sizwe Dhlomo and Nomuzi Mabena will always add a certain classiness to a party or an event. We've partied with the both of them and whether it's Sizwe's DJing or Nomuzi's twerking, we always know we're guaranteed a great time. If you spot either of them, pop in and say hey- you're always guaranteed a great conversation from either! 

Not having to worry about work

The final and most important reason as to why you should look forward to tonight's Block Party is, without a doubt, the fact that you don't have to worry about work tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow is a public holiday on the South African calendar and you get to reep the rewards. Can you say "Yay?". Go out to the Nuz Vegas Lounge tonight with a clear conscience and get ready to party your face off!

Doors open at 20:00 CAT tonight.