5 Times South African Women Made History This Year

These women have broken barriers and we stan!

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Lilian Ngoyi, Albertina Sisulu and Helen Joseph are some of the formidable women who were integral to the liberation of South Africa.

9 August would be like any other day had about 20 000 women not  taken to the streets of Pretoria 1956 -  some with the babies of their white bosses on their backs.

We are forever grateful and will always celebrate the sheros of 1956 for their selfless act.

Today we celebrate the incredible women of our time who have made great strides in their careers and have broken through the glass ceiling.

Banyana Banyana qualifying for the FIFA Women's World Cup
Our national Women's football team made us all proud this year when they made it into the Women's World Cup  which was held in France for the month of June and July. This came after the ladies advanced to the final stage of the Women's AFCON.

Although the ladies did not go as far as we had anticipated in the world cup, they will go down in history for their achievements. A real bunch of winners!

Saray Khumalo conquering Mount Everest
It's not often that you hear someone talking about reaching the highest point on the planet, but Saray did not just talk the talk, she walked it too. LITERALLY!

Mount Everest is the world's highest mountain at its official elevation of 8 848m above sea level. While the first people to reach the mountain's summit achieved their goal in 1953, almost 300 people have died trying to conquer it. That's a scary fact!

We just want to say kudos to Saray Khumalo, you did it for all of us... (because we ain't doing that). No, for real, we ain't.

Lira gets a doll made in her image
The debate around black dolls has been upsetting for many because often times, those that have been made over the years are not realistic to black people. Even our very own queen of Afro Soul admitted, in an interview on Jacaranda FM that she was worried about the hair on her doll.

"Truly my concern was always my hair. You think to yourself, you've got short hair ... Barbies have long flowing hair, and so how's that going to work?."

Lira's career has blossomed ever since she burst into the music scene in 2003 and we love that she's getting her flowers while she can still smell them.

Sho Madjozi BET Award
Sesi  Madjozi made history when she became the first female South African artist to win a BET award in June this year. She walked away with the Best New International Act at the prestigious 2019 BET Awards in Los Angeles.

What's even more beautiful about Sho Madjozi's win, is that she did all of this, and more, as an independent artist.  Listen! We stan.

Sibabalwe Gcilitshana is the first openly queer Miss SA contestant
The Miss South Africa pageant takes place in a few hours  and what you may not have known about the annual event is that their has never been an openly queer contestant.

Sibabalwe is parliamentary officer and a researcher for Equal Education and she firmly believes that representation is an important aspect in a competition such as this.

“I’m so proud to be the first queer woman on the competition because this shows us how progressive our country has become, and representation matters,” she said in an interview with DRUM Magazine.
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