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What to look forward to from the #RoastofAKA

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | AKA  | Drama

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If you weren't able to attend the Roast of AKA in person, you missed quite the show. Our favourite stars walked the red carpet while fans and friends filled up the sold out show at the Teatro at Monte Casino.

The roast was filmed last night, about two weeks in advance. Even so, the special is set to Premiere on Comedy Central on the 11th of March with the uncensored version coming to Showmax the following day. 

For those of you who missed out on a ticket, here’s a quick guide to the highlights of the Comedy Central's #RoastofAKA roast....

Jason Goliath

The star comedian best know as 1/3 of the Goliath Brothers opened the show with a pre-Roast special. Jason is basically a comedy veteran at this point so he had the audience exactly where he wanted the entire time. He also took the opportunity to do the age old comic practice of taking shots at the celebrity  audience too like Dj Tira, Riky Rick and La Sizwe

Papa Penny

Not everyone on the Roast Panel was a success. Everyone was excited to see the icon living that is Papa Penny on the panel. He walked out in his burgundy velvet suit to a roaring crowd - easily the warmest applause for a panelist that night. Unfortunately, though, when it came to his time at the podium it wasn't so great. He was definitely funny but not in the way you would expect. And like many men of a certain age, he droned on and on to the point that the other panelists had plenty of time for bathroom breaks. But by the end of it, the crowd  and panelists somehow loved him even more than before. 

Pearl vs Nina

Not to give too much away but tensions were definitely building between the Roast Master and the comedian. Basically, you know how a roast is basically everyone dragging each other, right? For some reason it was a bit less friendly between Pearl Thusi and Nina Hastie. There wasn't a fight or anything dramatic, it was more like... the longer the show went on, the less energy they had for each other. By the time Nina got up for her much anticipated moment things were already quite heated and... well... body language says a lot too.


The Nigerian superstar flew in to the country to support his long time friend on his big night. The audience was surprised to see that Davido is actually one of the funniest panelists. He came through with nothing short of big dick energy. His confidence and charisma - backed up by the fact that we all know what a global sensation he is - had the audience eating out the palm of his diamond clad hands. He basically takes every chance to straight flex.

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