A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

Does AKA seem unhappy when photographed with Zinhle?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | AKA  | Drama

There is an old age saying that goes "a picture is worth a thousand words", which can be interpreted as recognising that, the glee that is pasted on people's faces on photographs, especially on social media, is not always genuine.

A myriad of, mostly negative and sombre comments started swirling around a few days ago whereby scores of AKA's followers picked up on AKA's not so jovial mood on his general and overall demeanour, when photographed next to his partner and mother of his child, DJ Zinhle.

A few days ago, the couple were out and about - which later saw AKA post a snap of them together on his instagram account. However the social media "detectives" couldn't help but noticed just how unhappy the Fela In Versace truly looked on the picture.These observations served as a window to the general state of this relationship especially from AKA's end, which drew conclusions from his followers that DJ Zinhle seems to be the one that is fully invested in their union. The couple have a four year old child together - Kairo Forbes.

Below is the picture that has everyone worried about AKA's unbothered actions towards photographs taken with Zinhle. Some followers even noted just how ''happy'' he seemed when photographed with ex girlfriend, Bonang Matheba:
Instagram embed

These are the concerns from AKA's followers on Instagram:

BlackRoseKimmy: ''Maybe it's time you admit you not happy here Forbes.. honestly you've been miserable and it's Killing you.''

Naledi_Montsho: ''He looks like he wants to cry😂.''

Macnelo40: ''With Bonang you were always smiling with sweet captions mara since Zinhle came back haibo, just sad pics. Dont @ me truth hurts.''

Mvimbi: ''Actions speak louder than words. Basadi rea Fosta man. 😢😢😢😢😢.''

However not everyone thinks that there could be anything suspicious about the photo, with some fans stating that there is truly nothing more to this picture:

Amanda_Dlamini: ''So when you not smiling in a photo. South Africans will assume you not happy.''

Khutjo_Hart: ''He is not smilling, it does not mean he is not happy...MOVE ON. LOVE YOU GUYS❤️.''

Masidingwane01: ''If he doesn't post her ooh hes not in love, if he posts her ooh he looks unhappy haibo wezinja zase SA ler him be..''

A few months ago AKA made history when he presented a rather different and unique take of his artistry in Times Square,  Pretoria.

Proving just how close they have actually gotten, AKA and Zinhle walked hand in hand backstage, whereby a photograph of them sharing a deep smooch later trended almost the whole day upon its leak on the Internet.

This photo heavily indicated that love was truly alive and well between these two after they had broken up a few years ago - with Zinhle citing that AKA was the reason for the break down of the relationship. It was later revealed that AKA had been having an affair with media darling, Bonang Matheba.

It is hard to imagine what the 'Supa Mega' would make of these thoughts from his legions of followers. But being the opinionated individual that he is, we are expecting some kind of an announcement very soon.

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