AKA challenges SAA to play more local music

He's had a lot to say about the airline in the past couple of years

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | AKA  | Drama

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As a customer who frequently flys on the national carrier - AKA has been quite vocal about his likes and dislikes about the airline.

In 2017, the rapper expressed his disappointment during an unpleasant experience whilst flying on the airline. 

“I was jolted out of my seat and out of my sleep by a particularly rude woman. There’s something about being woken up with a big shock that really rattles you and gets your day off to a terrible start. I decided from that moment that I would try by all means to never @flysaa EVER again,” he wrote on his social media page.

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The rapper has mentioned that he tries to take pride in the national carrier but it has proven difficult to take pride when the airline has disappointed him a number of times.

AKA this week didn't necessarily complain but rather challenged the airline to do better when it comes to the type of music the airline plays when customers are boarding their planes.

As usual, AKA took to Twitter and requested for SAA to play more proudly South African music on their aircrafts.

"Dear @flysaa, as I sit waiting to take off, I'm wondering why the playlist, while we board, does not consist of solely 100% South African music. Please...it would be much appreciated."

Hopefully, the airline will consider AKA's request.

Imagine the pilot playing "Don't forget to pray" whilst boarding the plane, that would be such a vibe.


Oh and remember when Bonang also complained about the airline, but SAA was just not entertaining her rant?


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