AKA Claps Back at Nipsey Criticism

You gotta admit, Bhova has a point!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | AKA  | Drama

South African hip hop star, AKA has hit back at criticism made about his lack of commentary around Nipsey Hussle's death.

Nipsey was violently gunned down in his neighbourhood earlier this month, sending the global hip hop community into a state of mourning. Even some of South Africa's biggest hip hop heads had something to say about the rapper's murder, from Ms Cosmo to the self-appointed ambassador of Africa, DJ Sbu.

However, one person who was notably silent around the time of Nipsey Hussle's death is a rapper, AKA.

While we don't think Supa Mega had any personal gripes with Nipsey, his silence on the matter has been notable and when one curious fan wondered why he hadn't said anything about the death of a fellow rapper, AKA hit back with one of the comebacks of the year.

Many people pointed out the validity in AKA's comments and it served as a remidner of Kiernan's attitude towards international recognition. Even in the rapper's early days, he always emphasised the importance of treating African artists with the same respect which we afford to American artists. Despite his relative international success, this is something that hasn't changed.

Back in 2014 when the rapper opened for Wale, Mr Forbes complained about the treatment that he received on the day when Castle Lite rushed him into getting ready, harassed him and disrespected him. The rapper tweeted back in 2016:

"These Castle Lite (or whatever company/promoter) people start screaming at us how we'll never be booked for Castle Lite again     

Now the stage is on like a Lil island setup So you gotta take a Lil boat ride there. The band was in the boat on the way while we argued.

Long story short. I told them to go fuck themselves, called the band back and bounced. They had to turn that lil boat around.  And that's the story of how I stopped "opening" for "international" acts.    That was the last one.

It was a big deal to do something like that to a brand like that at that time. Nobody f*cked with me again."

Do you think more rappers should share AKA's mentality about interacting with international artists?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@akaworldwide/@welcometoromesa