AKA Defends Emtee

AKA wants us to respect the rapper

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | AKA  | Drama

AKA has jumped to the defense of the rapper, Emtee after watching him attract plenty of criticism over the course of the last few months - heck and even beyond that!

It's been a difficult 2019 for Emtee, although the rapper and father of two are determined to make it a worthwhile one. Between battles with his record label and rumors of him crashing cars, Emtee has cut a frustrated figure for much of 2019.

He has also been the victim of cyberbullying on the internet as fans have launched numerous attacks on him for everything from substance abuse (although he claims to be sober) to his role in the Ambitiouz Entertainment saga.

However, when fans took it too far on Wednesday night, with one particularly eager fan suggesting that AKA should sign Emtee - Supa Mega decided that enough was enough and demanded that fans start putting more respeck on Emtee's name.

It all began when the hashtag #AskEmtee started trending as a number of social media trolls took to the timeline to quiz the rapper "humorously". Except it wasn't funny; it bordered on cyberbullying with fans asking Emtee about everything including his contract status, his relationship status and his "downfall" as an artist.

When one fan tried to bring AKA into it, Kiernan defended his fellow rapper, growing tired of seeing the bullying that was taking place. An annoyed AKA retaliated on social media:

After growing frustrated with the mess that was Twitter on Wednesday night, Emtee decided that now was the best time to take a break from social media and focus on his music instead. The rapper held up the deuces and declared that he'd be offline until his new single dropped.

It appears as if Emtee is currently going through a troubled patch but we are hopeful that he will receive the help he clearly needs while he takes the time to work on his new music.

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