AKA defends local artists/music in Twitter rant

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | AKA  | Drama

It's been quite an emotional weekend for all South Africans as the father of our nation was laid to rest yesterday.

South African internet users, being the sensitive creatures they are, were in no mood to be mellow as Twars (Twitter+Wars) ensued from every corner of Twitterville. One celebrity who was caught in the crossfire was none other than Mr Kontrol himself, AKA. The local rapper took to Twitter and announced that he'd be having a tattoo of Madiba done. The announcement was made soon after the broadcast of Madiba's state funeral had ended.

As always, people did not take kindly to AKA's announcement. (As if they ever take kindly to anything he says, even if it's innocent) The rapper was attacked for (allegedly!) trying to copy The Game who recently inked a tattoo of Madiba on his arm. 

Earlier on today, AKA fought back and criticized South Africans for their lack of patriotism towards either local music or anything that is proudly South African.

AKA hurled out condescending and sarcastic tweets that had some people  them by referring to South Africans as South African Americans.

In his unpatriotic twitter campaign. The Heaven hit maker first changed his profile picture to Barack Obama's picture and began on a Twitter rant.

"@akaworldwide: KENDRICK LAMAR's CONTROL IS 1000 times better than KONTROL!! SOUTH AFRICAN AMERICANS AGREE!!! Yay!!!" Is one of the few controversial Twitter remarks he made as part of his rant. 

He also made remarks with regards to the booing incident of President Jacob Zuma during his appearance at Madiba's memorial service last week.

You can't deny that the rapper had a point with this Twitter rant. Some of us have been so blinded by westernized values that we don't realize how good we have it in our own door step.  

Even though AKA's twitter rant was more about giving us a wake up call rather than ranting, it's obvious that he's still going to be chewed up for these statements too. Damn can't a guy get a break?!