AKA gun charges have been dropped

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | AKA  | Drama

Is it just me, or is the rivalry between AKA and Cassper mellowing down? I mean, just a few weeks ago they shared a stage at the CAN DO summer concert, and now all charges brought up against AKA by Cassper have been dropped.

It all started a few months back when both AKA and Cassper were scheduled to perform on SABC 1’s Live Amp. According to Cassper, he was threatened by one of AKA’s associates. The Doc Shebeleza rapper then took to social media with this statement, “I will not be performing on live tonight. I get to the makeup room and Aka’s homie pushes me. I asked him to chill & pushed him back, that’s when he pulled out a gun on me, pointed it to my face. I walked out and then and there I decided I will not do this stupid shit no more.”

Well apparently all is well between these too, as the “incident” has been settled. AKA took to his twitter account to share the news with his fans, saying, “Now that the dust is settled…It’s important to note that all charges laid against us after that “incident” were thrown out of court.”

He added, “It’s important for me to clarify because my character was the one brought into question… We don’t condone violence.”

I hope this means that AKA and Cassper have put their differences aside. Could you imagine an AKA/Cassper Nyovest collaboration? Just a thought.