AKA On Yet Another Twitter Rant

The rapper calls the men of Mzansi to action

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | AKA  | Drama

AKA is back at it again, with another famous rant on social media-but this one's a little difference. Why? Because this time, we're all seeing eye to eye with him.

In light of the Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha case and having the abuse recorded on IG live, a lot of our ZAlebs are coming out of the woodwork with something to say.

Just yesterday, Rapper Emtee was more than willing to share his thoughts on the case and his thoughts on the Afrotainment star in particular.

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Well, we guess that AKA was feeling inspired and wanted to jump on that bandwagon. Not only did he jump on the bandwagon, he kind of threw a bomb in it with this tweet:

It's okay, he'll wait. The Supa Mega may not always hold opinions favoured by everyone, but this time he's definitely onto something. So, don't be quick to brush him off just yet.

He recently took to Twitter to muse on the disturbingly high rate of violence against women in South Africa. During his rant, he called men to action in a sequence of tweets that stating they [men] are the ones who have the answers to this because after all the victims are the women. How can they fight both fights?

During his rant, King Forbes also mentioned that he is tired of desktop activism, and believes we should put our phones down and actually do something.

With that the hip hop star, set out a challenge to his fans and haters alike with:

But is AKA just another idealist? A dreamer? With the history of abuse that this country has endured and with very little justice, could anything really change?  AKA seems to think the work can be done to enforce change.

We're eager to see what the Supa Mega can do when it comes to such a broad and sensitive issue. We've seen the rapper and his humanitarian efforts come to light, since the beginning of the year - will calling men to action be a movement that AKA shifts into gear for Mzansi?

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Main Image Credit: Shem scott, ZAlebs.com