AKA Thanks Fan For Having His Back

“Thanks for having my back Mega”

By  | Sep 08, 2020, 07:00 AM  | AKA  | Drama

South African musician, AKA, is the latest star to be dragged into the Economic Freedom Fighter’s protest action, which saw them lambasting Clicks for a recent advert. The rapper, who has nothing to do with the protest, was called out for not speaking out about the issue of systemic racism in the country, seeing as though he is vocal about other issues which are said to be close to his heart. 

The Twitter thread that stood out to the rapper was when trolls were accusing him of disregarding black South Africans, despite identifying as one previously. He was also accused of playing up the ‘coloured-race-card’ recently, causing for followers to believe that he has theoretically altered his ethnicity. AKA tweeted, “Some days like today I’m Black enough to speak out about issues. Other days I’m a Coloured this and a Coloured that. Weird f*ckin’ country we living in.”

Tired of engaging in back and forth responses with trolls, AKA sat back and witnessed one fan in particular publicly defend him. The fans explained that it was not his duty to take on societal issues all the time, and he should rather be commended for the times he has spoken out about injustices. She stated, “How many times has AKA spoken out and supported black people? How many times has AKA been the only one fighting for us? Only to be told he isn’t black enough every time he isn’t doing things your way? Again I ask, IS HE THE ONLY CELEBRITY IN SA?!”. 

AKA acknowledged his fan for having his back amongst the haters, and after a long thread of defensive tweets, he asked her to stop. He concluded with, “It’s okay. I respect and appreciate you going to bat for me but you need to understand that 99% of the time they won’t be able to go back and forth with me so you make them tingle when you take up the fight and entertain them. Still, thanks for having my back Mega.” 

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