The BeyHive comes for AKA after his Lemonade tweet

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | AKA  | Drama

Some people know better than to say anything negative about Beyoncé.

The singer, who released a new album titled Lemonande last week, has been breaking major records in the music scene. Her album has received a lot of great reviews from around the world. Although some are still enjoying Bey's music, it seems some people, including local rapper AKA, have sort of had enough of all that Lemonade talk. 

The award-winning rapper took to Twitter to express how relieved he is that Drake has dropped a new album. However, he also threw shade at Beyonce... sort of. 

If you know anything about Beyonce's fans, you'll understand that they're not afraid to attack anyone who comes for their favourite artist. Just ask Pearl Thusi, who was dragged after dissing Mrs Carter's dress last year. 

AKA was no exception. The Hive went in; some left lemon emojis on the rapper's timeline, while others mentioned that he's "bitter beacuse Lemonade is about cheating..."

AKA also mentioned that men can now breathe after the release of Drake's new album. 

And he's not afraid of the Hive...

Oh, but he was just playing, guys.

And then he dropped a fire tweet. Does anyone remember when Cassper said he wants to be treated like Beyoncé?

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