AKA Fires Shots At Bonang?

The rapper goes on another rant.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | AKA  | Drama

AKA is back at again, folks. But this time its looking like this might be the most subtle he has been in a while when it comes to his Twitter rants.

Late last night, AKA took to social media to give us this sub-tweet about his  #AKAOchestraOnTheSquare show, that took place on Sunday.

Did anyone else catch the shade or was it just us?

As fate would have it, his ex Bonang launched her champagne House of BNG, the following day (Monday).

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In true Bonang fashion, the Queen of everything went big (and pink) on her big day. Inviting media, her favourite bloggers and other high profile celebs to join her in welcoming her highly anticipated champagne.

See who made the guest list at The House of BNG Launch

She also was the cover star for Cosmopolitan magazine, which hit the shelves on the same day of her champagne launch. Can you say 'Bonang Day" ? It was definitely looking like she was taking over and with all that, the media mogul was trending for 48 hours straight after that.

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So when AKA took to social media to post this tweet, he was coming off a little salty. But why would he be, right? From the tweets and the HD quality photos on from his show that went out...we could see that King Forbes did his thing (as usual) in a Supa Mega way. So you mad, sir?

Social media had their opinions and speculations on this tweet too:

What are your thoughts on this tweet? Should AKA just bask in the glow of his success from the show? Was it necessary to throw shade the Queen's way? Let us know what you think.

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