AKA Apologises To The Entire Dhlomo Family For His Tweets

The rapper has educated himself and realizes how 'reckless and stuipd' it was

By  | Sep 23, 2020, 04:11 PM  | AKA  | Drama

Rapper AKA just last week sub-tweeted media personality Sizwe Dhlomo and it seems that after educating himself has apologised on Twitter to the entire Dhlomo family, friends and comrades.

Just a few days ago, AKA and Sizwe were involved in quite the twar that saw Sizwe threatening to "f**k" him up for free with no need for any contracts to be signed.

Sizwe had apparently been subbing the rapper for a minute without getting much retaliation from AKA. Now, after Sizwe refused to be on AKA's show, AKA decided to let off some steam and diss Sizwe.

AKA seems to have had a changed of heart and on Saturday issued out an apology to all those offended by his tweets from last week.

"After educating myself properly about the sacrifices made by Sizwe’s grandfather and others close to him, I realize how reckless and stupid that was," tweeted the rapper.

Some people have commended the rapper for his apology, whilst some have pointed out that this is a classic move from the rapper to do something wrong and then apologize.

has not said anything about the rapper's apology but did retweet AKA's apology tweet.

Image credit: Fakaza News