I Remember How Sad I Was...

From sadness to being the happiest girl alive

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Amanda Black  | Drama

Guys, speaking things to existence really works ask Amanda Black, she knows all about it.

So by now, we're sure you know that the songstress will be performing at the Essence Festival set to take place in New Orleans (USA) From the 4th to the 7th of July.

Performing at this festival has become quite a huge deal for Amanda as she recalls how she was prevented from performing at the Essence Festival held in Durban two years ago due to certain reasons that were out of her control.

In a recent IG video, Amanda shared how grateful she is that this opportunity has come the second time around and she remembers how sad she was last year that she couldn't perform at the festival.

Amanda shared how important it is to speak things into existence as she recalls how sad and disappointed she was when she couldn't perform at the festival back in 2017.

After a recent performance, Amanda took to Instagram to share her story and how it hit her that she had once declared that she would be performing at the main stage and here she is two years later, set to jet off to New Orleans to perform at the main Essence Festival.

"So, the year before there was the Essence Festival that was in Durban and I really wanted to be on the lineup, but there were some people who didn't want to book me and stuff. There was a lot of stuff that happened that ended up me not doing the gig. I remember how sad I was, oh my gosh, I was hurt, I was paining so hard because I really wanted to be on the lineup. But I remember telling myself that I'm going to be on the main festival line up and I completely forgot that I said that, that I declared that and it happened. Anyway, my point is that speak your life into existence, everything that has happened to me I have at some point said that it was going to happen."

Fast forward to 2019 and Amanda will now be performing on the same stage alongside the likes of R&B group, 702, Ginuwine, Jacquees and fellow African stars such as Nasty C, Vanessa Mdee and Tellaman.

So our Monday motivation message for you this week is to speak things you desire into existence, you'll be surprised at how these things tend to unfold when you least expect them too.

Congratulations to Amanda, keep making Mzansi proud.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AmandaBlackSA