AMonday Du Pont's motivation for today!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Amanda du-Pont  | Drama

Yes, yes, that pun in the headline is ridiculous. But it's relevant too. One of Mzansi's finest celebrities, Amanda Du Pont, has really given us the motivation and extra bit of "oomf" that we needed to get through this Monday. Maybe you, were at Da Les' All White Party on Saturday and you haven't quite recovered yet (I can see a few of the faces in my office that certainly have not recovered!) Mondays are notoriously tricky to navigate, even for the best of us. 

This is why Amanda Du Pont's Instagram post was so inspiring. Have a look at what she posted below: 

The caption reads: To whom much is given more is required! Are you ready for your next level in life? God is gracious and will lead you higher-take another step. There's a new dimension of life waiting for you. Don't quit and maintain your faith The things that God has is in store for you don't complain about where you are-be greatful it's about to lead you to where you are meant to be God has a plan

Look, it also doesn't hurt that she's rocking an awesome outfit in the picture! If you're still getting ready for the day, if you're already at work, or if you're just waking up; hopefully you feel inspired to take on the day and achieve everything you need to be great! 

And if you fail, hey, you'll still be one day closer to the weekend!